Pittsburgh FIRST

2016 FIRST Robotics Competition – Greater Pittsburgh Regional

Experience the excitement – Join us to see 50+ teams compete in the ultimate Sport for the MindTM.  This year’s game challenge: FIRST STRONGHOLDSM

Thanks to everyone for a great event!

Senior Photo is here and also posted here on our Facebook page (Thanks to Photographer Walt Urbina!)

Team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E. managed the live webcast – see their YouTube channel where they posted videos of our event – and here is a playlist of 104 videos from our event – Thank you!



2016 FIRST Robotics Competition – Greater Pittsburgh Regional

March 9-12, 2016

Convocation Center,  California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA  15419

Family-friendly, free, and open to the public


For more information, click on the following links:


Load-in Notes for the Greater Pittsburgh Regional – (nothing new here, but it’s 1 document that has notes from our event Site Info document & the Admin manual as of 3/5/16.)

Lists of the 52 teams at the Greater PIttsburgh Regional – Excel file (.xlsx) that lists teams in various formats – starting with a simple list, and including color-coded by location – pdf versions: simple list;  list that includes schools & youth organizations

PIT MAP – !! Note that there are 2 open pit spaces – one for the Student Ambassadors, where visitors can start a tour; and one for a special project to gather stories and testimonials from teams (like the “Quilt of Change” at the 2012 FIRST Championship, run by the Gatorzillas Team 2736). More Pit Maps: PDF file with 2 views, rotated 180 degrees

FLOOR PLAN for the Event-level of our venue, the Convocation Center at Cal U. Note that this does not show the Concourse level / 2nd floor.  It DOES  show our MENTOR LOUNGE – a quiet place with coffee.

MACHINE SHOPS at Cal U – there will be TWO fully-staffed machine shops a short walk from the arena (no stairs). Maps will be available at pit admin, & also by clicking here.