Pittsburgh FIRST

Regional Planning Committee

The Regional Planning Committee (RPC) works to strengthen and support our local FIRST community, with a specific focus on the FIRST Robotics Competition program and the Greater Pittsburgh Regional competition tournament.

If you have any questions about FIRST or the region’s activities, please contact any RPC member below.

Daphne Frownfelter, Regional Director, Western & Central PA, FIRST

Daphne has been involved with FIRST for several years as an operational representative, working closely in Western PA with our FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner.  She has also mentored FIRST Robotics Competition teams and has been a volunteer at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis.  Daphne previously worked as Director of the Home Builders Association and was also and Assistant District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America.

Please contact Daphne at dfrownfelter@firstinspires.org.

Sarah Storck

Sarah Storck, Regional Planning Committee Chair, Greater Pittsburgh

Shannon Plesh, Volunteer Coordinator, Greater Pittsburgh Regional

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at FIRSTPittsburghVolunteers@gmail.com

Russ  Smith, Greater Pittsburgh Regional Judge Manager – FRC

Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas, Greater Pittsburgh Regional Judge Advisor – FRC

Sarah Douglas began her FIRST adventure in 2005 as the advisor to team 1743, guiding them to become the Regional Champions and then onto the FIRST Championship in Atlanta. Sarah has served as a Pittsburgh Regional FRC Judge since 2007, and loves the spirit of gracious professionalism that FIRST brings to students. She is currently an Instructional Designer contractor working at the U.S. Department of Energy Lab, Pittsburgh site (South Park Twp).

Ben Matzke, Webmaster

Ben Matzke joined the Greater Pittsburgh Regional in 2008 as a field volunteer and became the primary field supervisor every year since then. He has been a member of the Regional Planning committee since 2013 filling a variety of roles throughout his tenure and supporting the region in any way he is able.

Maggie Joseph, RPC Member-At-Large, Webmaster-in-Training

Maggie Joseph has been involved with the Greater Pittsburgh Regional since 2006. She spent all four years of high school on Team 1708 – Amp’d Robotics, and after graduating in 2009, she has continued to stay involved as a volunteer. Maggie has filled various roles since 2009 but has lately been filling the role as a referee. She has also become more involved in the RPC over the last few years. You may find her at kick-off events, off-season events, or generally assisting anywhere that she can. She is currently working as a Project Manager and Scrum Master for an IT software company.

Committee Members-At-Large 

These volunteers serve as Regional Planning Committee advisors / consultants . Many are FIRST alumni, and/or have volunteered for FIRST for many years.

  • Ben Love
  • Branden Plesh
  • Gene Kern (Previous FIRST Senior Mentor)
  • Jason Mols
  • Kenan Kevenk
  • Nick Winwood
  • Norm Kerman
  • Patty Anderson
  • Simi Mian
  • Terry Richards

Interested in volunteering for FIRST at the Regional level? If you’d like to be on the Regional Planning Committee, contact us.

Committee Projects / Volunteer Opportunities 

The list below is intended to be a dynamic work-in-progress, highlighting current opportunities to lend a hand, whether it be a project or general category that needs leadership, to items that only need little bits of focused time here and there.

Our Regional Planning Committee members, as a whole, work together to discuss and offer help to anyone in a specific role.

  • Photo Archivist — Each year many photos are taken at Kickoff, the Regional Competition along with other local FIRST events.  This person’s role is to gather and select the photos that best exemplify the spirit of FIRST and organize their online presentation.
  • Assistant Volunteer Coordinator  — This position is to help the VC line up volunteers (emails to companies, posting on volunteer websites, etc.) and match the volunteers to the roles.  These positions involve work mostly from mid-October thru the end of the Regional.
  • Team Recruiting Task Force Leader —  This is a year-round position for a person interested in helping coordinate the team recruiting effort.  It involves little, if any, direct contact with teams but rather is an internal coordinating role that does not require hands-on FRC experience.
  • Special Events Coordinator —  This person will help find outreach opportunities at non-FIRST events and will coordinate our presence at those events such as staffing a table or having a team bring a demonstration robot.
  • Training and Workshop Coordinator — The person in this role helps to identify the common training topics needed by the teams in the region & coordinates workshop/s to fill those needs.  This position becomes active mostly in the early fall to early winter.
  • Public Relations/Media Coordinator — Love to tell people about FIRST?  The person in this role will prepare & distribute press releases to the media to keep the public informed about the Region’s events.  While year-round, most of the press releases will concern the major events: Workshops, Kickoff, and the Regional.
  • Public Relations/Media Coordinator/Social Media — This person also participates in writing press releases but has the additional focus of getting the word out via social media.
  • University / College / Higher-Ed Coordinator — Colleges and Universities want to recruit students who participate in FIRST and so the person in this role coordinates the School Recruiting event by inviting the admissions representatives during the fall and being their host at the Regional.
  • School/Team Development & Support — The person in this role is a resource to help established teams overcome problems they have run into such as funding, recruiting mentors, etc.  This position can be sporadically active throughout the year.
  • Sponsor Recruitment & Development — The Regional couldn’t exist without sponsors. This person helps to identify potential new sponsors, establishes relationships with them and seeks funding.  This is a year-round position.
  • Program Book Coordinator —  The program book distributed at the Regional contains information about the participating teams.  Besides being invaluable to the Judges, these books make wonderful keepsakes for the team members and friends. Timing: Dec – early Feb.
  • VIP Reception Coordinator  —  Many VIPs, including potential sponsors, politicians, school district administrators, and local businesses, come to the Regional.  The person in this position organizes a reception (such as a breakfast reception) for the VIPs, including speakers.
  • Assistant Website Maintainer  — This website is a key communication tool both to the public and to the teams in our region or attending our Regional.  This person assists the website maintainer by proactively keeping the website updated with information about upcoming events and the general “happenings” in the region,